Subscribers are the basis of your popularity on YouTube. The more users who subscribe to your channel, the more valuable you are to the advertiser. To earn money, become a member of the partner program or make an agreement with advertising customers directly. The first method is suitable for beginners. Monetization requires 1000 subscribers. Direct advertisers will pay attention to the channel with more than 15,000 subscribers on popular topics.

If You want to receive a lot of subscribers in nearest time, You can buy 1000 youtube subscribers for $1. Extra cheap price for Your channel. But remember, do not abuse this to much, because the live audience is very important for Your channel.
I’ll tell you how to attract new subscribers and share my opinion on why it’s bad to cheat them.

How to attract your first subscribers

These methods will help you get the first 1000 subscribers. By the way, read the article about liminal thinking – we are sure that after pumping the brain you will find a dozen more effective methods.

Record a video about methods of attracting subscribers.

If you are running a channel about hamsters, then, at first glance, there is no logic in recording such a video. However, when content appears in search results, novice bloggers are marked with a comment asking them to subscribe to their channel. With a response subscription to yours, respectively.

Promote videos on social networks and forums.

There is a «Share» button under each YouTube video. Register in all social networks and redirect content there. Write interesting announcements and encourage you to subscribe to the channel. Also register on the forums and invite subscribers to follow the link. If the forum rules prohibit posting links, share them in private messages. In the topics, talk about the benefits that the content will give to potential subscribers.

Analyze your competitors ‘ channels.

This is necessary to create cool content, even if you have a creative crisis. Check the top channels and read comments under popular videos. Write out the shortcomings that users are talking about (I don’t like the feed, the sound is lame, I want more lively locations). Make a video on the same topic, but repeatedly improved.

Make interactive videos.

Connect with users from the first video. If you mumble under your breath and ignore the audience, they will go to a friendlier blogger. So ask questions, share life stories, and ask subscribers to write their opinions in the comments.

Ask to subscribe to the channel.

Applying the advice is often difficult. Newcomers feel like beggars and lose motivation when they don’t get a response.

If the user is not prompted to subscribe, they watch the video and leave. And your task is to remind you of a fair reward for useful content. Subscription annotations have proven themselves well: put a footnote with a call at the end of each video.

Make high-quality content.

at the initial stages, it is important to upload a lot of videos. Starting videos must be of high quality, so prepare good equipment, think over the locations, lights, and scenario. Don’t force your subscribers to watch your actions, delete parasitic words. Work out a dozen videos at 100%.

Order a like from a popular blogger.

Make a video and come up with a catchy title. Find a popular blogger with a similar target audience. Ask (or order for money) to put a like or write a comment under your video. So his subscribers will see the news of the channel and go to watch the video that their favorite rated.

Expanded comments.

Go to the competitor channels and leave detailed comments under the video. Usually triggered that go against the point of view of the majority of subscribers. Driven by anger or curiosity, they look at your page. Then it’s a matter of technique – good content helps you make a decision about subscribing.

Optimize your content.

By using keywords that match the subject of the video in the description. Place popular tags. Here are links to the sources used in the work process. Thanks to the detailed description, you will get several subscribers from the search.